Dreaming of Nice

I like to dream, it’s not a secret.

Sometimes I think I could own a cafe. It would be a cool one, with non-matching vintage furniture and eclectic music playing in the background. I like to think there’d be a vast book collection that people could peruse at their leisure. It goes without saying that there would be a vast tea collection, including my current fave arctic fire; good coffee, and a range of delightfully different allergy friendly cakes and cookies. Just think about all the people you’d meet. It would be the perfect job for people watching. Now all I need to do is find a generous benefactor who will provide me with some land in Nice and persuade a friend to come with me.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Nice

    • hey kim,
      it is one from t2. this is the description from the website: A fruity and spicy blend that is mysterious and ethereal. Cornflower blossoms combine with black tea to produce a floral infusion with gorgeous apricot and peach flavours and a grapefruit bite. A light to medium-bodied brew that wakes up winter and is stunning in summer when iced.
      my own description: tasty and delightful.

      • Mmm sounds good. I love the use of the word ‘ethereal’. I love their Brisbane breakfast, though I haven’t had it for ages. I think it may ave been limited edition.

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