sleepless nights

It’s 3.58am. I’ve been awake since 12.26am. Time goes very slowly at this time of the morning.

I went to turn off some lights that were still on and found another body, poring her heart out over an assignment that’s due tomorrow. Well actually, today. I sat on the sofa with her for an hour, thought about my fear of sleep, longed for sleep, tried to sleep. No sleep. I decided to make the most of this awake time so came back to my room, brushed up on my Spanish and wrote a long overdue email. I learned a new word – inquietud. I wrote a letter to an old friend. I’m writing this blog post. Still, no sleep.

There are others. I’m certain. Right now, all over Sydney there are people not sleeping. How do they fill the long dark hours? Do they long for sleep as I do? I don’t know about them, but I, for one, would be happy to kick this habit.


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