Let the tears flow.

Friday was the last day of third year at Moore College. I’m not leaving, but many dear friends are. These halls will not be the same.

The day I moved in is etched into my memory with such depth that I doubt I shall ever forget it. It was the day I met Kylie. I hadn’t been long in the country and she was so smiley and lovely I thought I’d cry. I think I did. So began a beautiful friendship. And then there is Sarah. A treasured sister who knows not how precious she is to me, only because I lack the words to tell her.

Having all moved some 12,000km from different sides of the world (Johannesburg, Jumla, Mexico City) to be here, it seems God had always planned that we’d be friends. And so it was. Tears were shed as we grieved the loss of our past lives and adapted to life in this old, yet strangely new city. Laughs were shared as we reminisced over some of the funny and awkward moments in our time overseas. Much of our life together has been very run of the mill: a cup of tea here, a stroll there. And yet it is in these run of the mill moments that each of these girls have taken up residence in my heart. I love them dearly. I dare not even guess how much I will miss them. Only time will tell.

Friendship is one of those blessings of God that can be wonderful – when you have deep and real friendships you wonder if there was ever a time when you weren’t friends. And then change comes (as it inevitably does) and it hurts so much that you don’t want to ever invest in friends again if it will mean feeling like this. I’m there. I don’t want to let go, don’t want things to change, don’t want people to move away. I guess the tears make the friendship real and meaningful. But I know, at least for Kylie and Sarah and I, that we will always be in each others lives. No matter if we live 12,000km apart again, we are committed to visiting each other, to sending snail mail packages of delightfulness, and to praying for each other.

There are others. Many others. It is too overwhelming to grieve them all at once. I suppose I shall feel like this for a season.

And there are so many who are staying. More dear friends with whom I am privileged to do life for one more year. For this I am grateful, if only because it gives me another year before I must go through this process once more. I can’t think about what this time next year will feel like, I must simply move forwards, loving these friends while we dwell in the same space and giving thanks to the great God who has called us together for this season of our lives.


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