Starting again.

I’m back in the town that is always new.

It’s only been a week, but has felt longer in many ways. The absence of precious friends has made these halls seem empty, even though they are filled with new, delightful, and smiley-faced people. The absence of classes has meant that afternoon tea has quickly become the highlight of my day. I am only now noting that the absence of sleep has become a normal part of Newtown life.

I miss people. To be able to sit in silence with a friend. To cry together. To know someone who won’t freak out when you’re freaking out. To laugh together. To stroll together. To take tea together. To do life together.

And I’m loving getting to know our new housemates. People who have their own stories. Their own history. Their own friends and family that they are sad about leaving. Their own hobbies and habits.

This place is weird. In a fantastic way. I can be so joyful that I feel like I’m going to burst, and so sad that I feel like I’ll never be able to pull myself together. And all this in the same 24 hour period.

And that’s just life in Newtown.

Welcome back.


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