Rant begin.

I voted for Kevin Rudd in 2007. He’s not perfect, in fact, I think he’s far from it. But still, he seemed to stand up for his convictions. It is my understanding that he is perhaps not the easiest person to work with, but having no personal experience of him, my decision to give him my vote was based solely on his political platform and convictions. I was incredulous at the leadership coup staged by Julia Gillard and the subsequent hung parliament for a few weeks in the middle of 2010. I was always sceptical of Julia after that, not sure if I could trust someone who would do that to her leader. I was not entirely displeased when Kevin Rudd was reinstated as Prime Minister last month.

Now I don’t know what to think.

The announcement today of the Papua New Guinea ‘solution’ to the problem of thousands of asylum seekers arriving by boat is the latest in a line of government policies that marginalise an already displaced group of people. They are desperate. How is this difficult to see? Would you jump on a boat you knew was likely to sink, putting your life at risk (and the lives of your family) simply for a spot on the beach? Unlikely. This is an act of desperation. Seeking asylum is not a criminal act, but look at our policies. We treat it as one. I’m sorry Mr. Rudd, but this is NOT NEARLY meeting our compassionate requirements under the UN Convention.

I think you just lost my vote.

Rant over.

*more here: http://www.deaconessministries.org.au/_blog/Blog/post/asylum-seekers/


3 thoughts on “Disillusioned.

  1. Tess, this pretty much sums up how I also feel ( interestingly ) as a middle-aged man with a wife & 4 kids.
    It seems to me that the asylum seeker issue brings up an essential philosophy that is at the core of our beings. It exposes the basest of beliefs. And unfortunately our politicians & media are playing the game with these beliefs. There are those who have been sold the lie that we only get what we deserve & earn in life & those that have a concept of Grace & see that their lives are not purely a result of our hard work or good management. It’s not simply a case of religion or faith it’s more, it’s about the heart. Compassion is the word & that comes from empathy & from something in our soul that tells us we are blessed. Keep writing.

    • Thanks for your comment moericho. That feeling of being blessed is not just in our souls though – we know we are blessed because God tells us and identifies with us in the person of Jesus. I totally agree about the politicians. I just wish they’d stop playing games and start governing the nation!

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