Ice blue reflections


It’s dusk. One of my favourite times of day. I think it’s because I really like that ice blue colour the sky becomes jut after the sun dips below the horizon. I’m experimenting trying to find somewhere to sit and simply be while the sun goes down. This seems to be working for now.

I need a place to think. And outside is usually better than anywhere else.

I am exhausted. I went to the pharmacy to fill a script but took the wrong one. I wanted to cry. I was feeling so over it all that it took all my will power to not buy a piece of pie from The Pie Tin and wallow in my dejected sadness. I bumped into someone I knew and forced my weary body to wave and smile.

All I want to do right now is collapse in a heap and weep. I want to ignore people. I want to scream ‘leave me alone!’ I want to give up and run away. I want to become a hermit. I long to sleep and awake refreshed. I want to be invisible.

But no. I smile. I push on. I make myself be the person I think I should be. I don’t see any other option.

When is Jesus going to come back? Soon please.

This place just got ruined. A fluorescent light right above me just turned on. On goes the search.


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