The Commuter’s Life

My alarm goes off at 6am. I am barely awake but my finger knows the sleep button well and before I have a chance to prod my brain into action, the alarm is off and I return to slumber. 6.10am. This time I am slightly more awake and face the physical battle to swing my legs off the side of the bed and sit up. It usually takes til about 6.17am for my feet to hit the floor.

The cat is hungry. I feel my way to the laundry and fetch her bowl, narrowly missing stepping on the cat who weaves in and out between my legs as I walk. She likes to live on the edge. Cat fed: check.

I creep back to the bathroom where my eyelids are still fighting the losing battle to be shut. Who is that girl in the mirror? She looks tired. I desperately wish I had chosen my clothes the night before. Jeans: sure. That red top: ok.

Clean and dressed I make my way to the kitchen. Breakfast. Yes, I should eat something. Cereal is easy, let’s do that. I sit down with a bowl on the couch. I look at the stereo. 6.44am. Is that really the time? I wolf down the rest of the cereal, and leave the bowl soaking in the sink. No time to wash up. I’m already late.

My shoes go clickety-clack as I head back to the bathroom. Makeup: ok. I almost paint my eyeball with mascara. Oops. I stand in the bathroom looking lost, wondering: ‘what else do I have to do here?’ Ah yes, teeth. Clean teeth: check.

I collect my bag from where I dumped it last night as I came in and head out the door. Stop. I forgot to give the cat her tablet. Find cat. Wrestle cat. Lull cat into false sense of security and then execute ‘plan: cat meet tablet’. Back to the door. Stop. Am I wearing earrings? No. Back to my room to find some matching red earrings. Back to the door. Stop: do I have my train ticket. Rifle though bag until I find the ticket. Yes. Ok, let’s go.

On the train my eyelids sense an opportunity to get back in the game, and get in cahoots with the gentle rhythm of the train to make me very drowsy. I give in. I doze. It feels good.

Eyelids: 1. Tess: 0.

Walking to work, I smell coffee. Yes, coffee. This is what I need. I wait patiently to order. It comes. My eyes light up as I take the first sip.

Hello addiction.


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